Jeremaine is a Filipina multi-hyphenate artist currently living in Toronto, Canada.
Involved in a variety of work through art, dance and film; she continues her exploration by connecting to her audience with relatable and diverse life experiences, illustrating that every narrative is valuable and worth telling. She draws inspiration from her Southeast Asian ancestry, movies, music, and nature, which she incorporates into her whole body of work.
Jeremaine attended British Columbia Institute of Technology where she acquired her Graphic Design Diploma; as well as graduating from the Fashion Marketing program at Blanche Macdonald Center. Throughout her 9 years of dance training; she has trained in several cities including Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles and London, UK.
She is passionate about utilizing her voice to encourage and motivate other Filipinx to cultivate their own stories in the art and entertainment industry.  Through inspiration, her mission is to inspire others to gain knowledge of their true potential so it may radiate through their work and the community.
When she is not working, she enjoys reading books, watching films, and attending yoga classes. She combines her art, dancing, and film skills to do work that contributes towards a positive impact through community and international collaboration.  ​​​​​​​
"I am a proud Filipina, purpose-driven artist and humanitarian fueled by the power of advocacy and community collaboration. I strive to inspire and create space for Filipinx to flourish within the creative and film industry through dedicated action. As I choose to lead my life with empathy and grace, my purpose is to empower all kinds of people around me to live within their truth, so they may gain the freedom to live a life with more joy and fulfillment."

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